Critticall is a new kind of a software tool, dedicated to solving hard problems. From discovering new unknown algorithms, answering some unsettled math questions, to creating school schedules. Critticall harnesses the power of the evolution to search for cunning solutions nobody has thought about before.

Sounds like some hardcore science fiction, but it's rather the radical incoming reality. Just try the ArtificialSort, invented using this tool, and you will be no less than impressed. If you don't like to be shocked, it's time to leave the site now. For the rest, we are having some amazing fun here.

Critticall is an evolution process simulator ment for improving code segments. Be it a C dialect known as the "strict C", or a school schedule script language.

The user submits some pieces of a valid code, along with the fitness function, and Critticall will exercise some evolution upon it, to get better and better fitting piece of code. That may mean a faster program segment, a shorter program sequence doing the same job, or a better schedule solution.

There's a plenty of real examples here. Already mentioned ArtificialSort which you can try if you are a C++ programmer. Since seeing is the straighest way to believing, we recommend you to do so. Usually it is (too quickly) assumed that something like this isn't possible. Which is another reason to try.

To be a sceptic is the sole rational first reaction to the kind of narrative you are reading just now. On the other hand we want exactly the rational people to engage in this. So we have provided working examples, you may try free of any charge, whatsoever.

With the remaining percentage of the brave, skilled and smart ... let us go forward with this!

On the left side links of this page you will see the muscles of the Critticall software -- stuff hard to believe before checking it.

On the right side is a link to a very practical application - School Schedule. Many programs try to match humans in the scheduling art and no one can. Critticall however surpasses them all. No wonder, when it's able to crack the left side problems, isn't it? Follow the link to ALGiT on the right!