Can a divisor of a number be evolved? For a RSA number, for example? How that could be masterminded?

One way is the following:

pick a random number test

while (true) {

      calculate the reminder=RSA%test;

      if reminder is the best (smaller) so far, store it as best=test;

      copy the best to test and do some bit mutations on it;

      if (reminder==0) break;

Will reminder 0 ever evolve?

Perhaps not, at least not faster, than it can be guessed otherwise. What can be done with Critticall however, is to evolve this genetic (!) algorithm on many smaller numbers, to be more effective than in the raw state.

A kit example (somewhat different from this one) is inside of nonlimited version. Waiting for you to train it and to go after RSA with it!


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